Richland Creek Wilderness Area
  There is another access point into the Twin Falls area that I have never tried so I checked it out. This spot is north of the falls and you park on CR 297/FR 1205. There is a fair trail that follows the ridge all the way to the best bluff I have found in the area. You can then drop down into the valley to the west to access the falls area and all the creeks you care to slip and fall into. This day was gorgeous with a starting temp of 30 and a high around 60...very sunny as well. It took me 35 minutes to hit the edge of the bluff...just in time to watch the sun hit the eastern ridge. I left the vehicle at 6:45 a.m. It is about 1.6 miles to the bluff. Beware the dreaded horizontal tree...for they are numerous in number....and their lot in life is to make you fall face-first into the leaves. I have much experience with them...and I am not their friend. I did make it to the Twin Falls and poked around the lower bluff line above Long Devils Fork before heading up Big devils Fork and back up the ridge. This was a fine hike and I really like this point of access. Total distance about 6.5 miles.

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