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  My wife and I took a drive around northwest Arkansas and stopped in to take a short hike into this area. I have driven by here many times on hwy 23 and was not aware of these two waterfalls. There is an old recreation area here that was called Cherry Bend Recreation Area. Now it is just a parking access for the Ozark Highlands Trail. Some old rock work remnants are still around where picnic tables and such were at one time...I assume. We did not follow the Ozark Highlands Trail and I am unsure if it even goes near these falls. Our route was just a scramble down into the draw and along the left prong of Mountain Creek until we happened upon them. This is a fairly cool area, although many dead trees marred the Murray Falls drop zone. Total hike around 1.5 miles with a sunny morning at about 25 degrees. We then stopped at War Eagle Mill and ate some lunch. The restaurant was a bit disappointing, having never been there, we expected something.......more. Then on to Lost Valley for a very short walk down the trail.

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