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  I recently took a nice little hike into Flatside Wilderness Area to get away from the Ozarks for a change. The hike followed a ridge that I have not been on before. The ridge ended in the valley of Crystal Prong where it led me to an old destination of mine on a tributary of Crystal Prong. I was quite dismayed to find at this confluence a disaster area of numerous large trees scattered like toothpicks. I have heard from this forum that a tornado had dropped in for a visit here and it fer sure left a hell of a mess. I did not follow the creek downstream to where the OT crosses so I am unaware of the extent of the damage down that way. Luckily the waterfall area on the branch I was on was spared damage. Unfortunately the damaged area will never be the same in my lifetime.  Total hike around 7 miles with temp 40 in and 55 out. Skies were mostly cloudy with occasional sun. In at 7:30 a.m. and out by 1:30 p.m.

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