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Richland Creek Wilderness Area
  This will be brief due to the fact that this hike sucked. I left work Friday at noon and made it to the cemetery along County Rd 36 by 2:15. This is not Hill Cemetery but the other one...I forget the name....something like Jim Bob's Cemetery. Temp was around 55 and it was partly cloudy. The brush was not terrible at first but once I got into the creek bed of the middle branch of Long Devils Fork it was like climbing through jungle gym of trees and branches and stickers and vines and such. My plan was to get down the creek as far as I could before dark and camp....but this was not to be. By the time I made it the left branch the creeks combined to a fairly nice creek with some flowing water...but still very brushy and not really what I had in mind. It was 4:30 and conditions looked bleak so I made the decision to hike back out even if I had to do it in the dark. The experience was not going to be of the quality that I preferred so heading back felt like my best option. I made it back to my origin just as the sun was hitting the trees. This was my second worst hike into Richland Creek Wilderness and the first worst was in the same area. I must admit that I removed a Pepsi can from a tree branch on the ridge coming back....and I feel really guilty thinking some redneck may have been depending on it to find his way back. At my deepest point into the woods I found some remnants of said redneck...these being many sheets of aluminum foil, and old propane stove and some other garbage. There are no photos due to lack of interest on my part. Total distance around 4 miles.

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